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May 10, 2014

Trekking and Cave exploration in Siddara Betta

Trip Details
Distance From Bangalore
100 Kms from Bangalore and 30 kms from Tumkur
Trekking - on a rocky hill, Cave exploration, Medicinal plants
Approx 1.2 km high
Difficulty level
Yes, Kids 5+ years can climb. (My kids did their first trek here).
Hours needed
3 hours. 1 to 1.5 hours to climb, 30 mins for cave exploration and rest coming down.
Best time to visit
April and May will be very hot, June/July migh rain. Other months are okay.
Local guides
On request, Charges approx. Rs.300/=
Stay options
Bangalore or Tumkur
Not available here, only Kamat or other motels in Bangalore-Tumkur highway
Nearby places
Channarayana durga, Madhugiri Fort
Other tips
·        Monkeys are there to snatch food from you, be careful.
·        There are local sellers selling cucumber and water bottles on the way up. You can have your snacks here and it is safe from monkeys.
·        For caves, you need the local guides and without them it is risky. So do take help of guide. They charge approx Rs.300/=
·        Carry torchlight which may be useful while in caves. Guides always have this.
·        Carry water and snacks, but eat near the local seller’s shops to avoid monkeys.
More on Siddara Betta 

Sidda means "Seer" and Betta means "hill" in Kannada language. This is a rocky hill close to 1 or 1.5 kms (approx) high near Korategere. It is believed that once upon a time, many seers lived
here. Many of the medicinal plants were also found here in this hill.

Refer "Siddha Medicine" in Wiki, reference:

Inside the caves you can see vines and their roots going deep through the caves till they reach water. The leaves can only be found above the caves but the roots go deep inside the caves.
They say these are called "Kaatu Diraksha".

You may need to stoop inside the caves to explore and use torch lights.

Once you reach the top of the hill, near the temple entrace, you will see the natural spring which is so chill. Once you touch it, you get energized in seconds. All your tiredness goes off. Temple priest keep this natural spring water for bathing and drinking as well. The shrine of Lord Siddalingeshwara is found in this temple.

Note: Similarly Kolli Hills also have many medicinal plants. Refer

See below the photos.....

Siddara Betta
View from just 100 steps... lot more to go.... !!!

Siddara Betta
A shelter to take rest..... 

Siddara Betta
Still lot more to go ....... 

Siddara Betta
View from middle point

Siddara Betta - Tree growing on Rocks
The root pass through the rocks and finding water ...... Amazing full grown tree on a rock !!!

Siddara Betta
Almost there..... from 3/4 of the total steps..... !! few more steps and you are there....

Siddara Betta - Caves
Started exploring caves.....

Siddara Betta - Caves
You want to be bit careful and go slow !!

Siddara Betta - Caves
Sunlight passing through the little gaps between the rocks

Siddara Betta - Caves
From darkness to light !!!

Siddara Betta - Caves
Only rocks everywhere .... 

Siddara Betta - Caves
Beneath the rocks, it is always cool

Siddara Betta - Caves
See the roots of vines

Siddara Betta - Vines
Roots going deep below in search of water...

Siddara Betta - Vines
Leaves above, roots below... going deep below the rocks in search of water

Siddara Betta - Caves
Big place to relax and so cool here. Remember it is very hot outside.

Siddara Betta - Vines
Roots... so big ........ 

Siddara Betta - Vines
Going all the way through the rocks... to find water
Siddara Betta - Caves

Local guide is helping the kids

Siddara Betta
Finally a wonderful visit to caves .....