April 29, 2016

Sandur Kumaraswamy Temple and Shiva Vilas Palace

About Sandur

Sandur  (Sanduru in local language), is located near Hampi in North Karnataka. Though you can visit this place any time of the year, just after rains in September, it would be so beautiful to see this place. Like in Mars(I seen in movie :-)), there is a red dust elsewhere due to mining. I suggest you choose this place as a stay option for your Hampi visit which is very close. Just 40Kms from here and there is a cemented road so you can reach in 35 to 40 minutes.

The following places in Sandur are covered in this blog post:
1. Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel
2. Shri Kumaraswmay Temple
3. Narihalla Reservoir and Dam

Shri Kumaraswamy Temple

One of the oldest temple built by Chalukya rulers about thousand years back. This seem to have disappeared inside Swamimalai forest. The Ghorpade kings found this site and restored. Check photos below. This temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Murugan (son of Lord Shiva). Kumara means younger child.

Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel

Great Staff and a heritage Palace hotel with all amenities to relax and spend time peacefully, what else you need. I strongly suggest this place as a stay option for your Hampi Visit. Refer my Hampi blogpost for planning, details and photos of Hampi. Getup early morning and have sumptuous breakfast at Palace and carry snacks provided in your room, visit all the places in Hampi. Reach back by late evening and have a Spa to relieve from your tiredness, long walk.

Built in 1942 by Shrimant Sarkar Maharaj Yeshwantrao Hindurao Ghorpade over 20 acres of land. Very beautiful Palace in the middle of Sandur town surrounded by hills on all sides. Mahatma Gandhi visited this place once and he suggested to visit this place in September. Yes, right after the rains during September, Sandur will look awesome. But you can visit anytime of the year.

Look at their website for facilities: http://shivavilaspalacehotel.com/facilities/ 

Inside the Palace, there is a big Swimming pool, Steam and Spa, Vintage Car Museum, Antique collection in Durbar hall museum, Indoor activity Room (my kids never wanted to come out from here), Cycles, Free WiFi, Board room...etc. The list goes on. You never need to go out for anything. Just check-in and relax like a King.

There is also Bar cum Billiards room where you can see animal trophies. You can play. Inside activity room which is air conditioned, they have chess, carrom, table tennis, playstation, TV, blah blah....so many things to play. Not only Kids, even we can play for the whole day and relax. There is also a Library with very rare collection of Old books. You can spend lots of time reading these books sitting under the trees. Awesome right? All very rare collection of books.

Pudukkottai Maharaja gifted a beautiful bronze statue of Shri Meenakshi to this Maharaja, and it decorates the central courtyard of the palace. Look closely on the intricate work. Very beautiful and rare piece. Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra - If you like to see the embroidery work by local people. you can enquire with staff and visit. You can also buy the items.

Check the photos below. A perfect stay option for your Hampi visit. Read my review of this Palace in tripadvisor - Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel 

Bird photography

This palace has lots of trees and you get to see variety of birds in early morning and late evenings. See photos below.

Planning your visit to Sandur/Hampi and nearby places and my Blogposts

Refer my blogpost on Hampi, section " Planning your Hampi and Nearby places visit" for all details.
Link is given here.

Narihalla Reservoir and Dam 

Forested hills on both sides and deep gorges, Wov what a view. Almost for a kilometer this scenery come along your way on your roadside. Being narrow you might find it difficult to pullover your vehicle for taking photos. Yes, unfortunately I was in rush to reach palace on the day of arrival and visit the temple, I could not stop and take pictures. But a very beautiful scenery.

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Moving onto photos...

Sandur Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel
Beautiful isn't it ?

Sandur Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel Bar and Billiards Room

Have a drink and play !

Sandur Kumaraswamy Temple
1000 years old Temple - Sandur Kumaraswamy Temple

Sandur Kumaraswamy Temple Tower
Sandur Kumaraswamy Temple Tower

Sandur Kumaraswamy Temple
Inner view of the Temple

Sandur Kumaraswamy Temple Nandi
Nandi in front of the Temple
Sandur Swamimalai forest and Mining
Cemented Road for mining, like Martian surface right ?
Sandur Mining
Do you see the Trucks?

Dodge Brothers Senior Six 1928 Shiva Vilas Palace
Dodge Brother Senior Six 1928

Indian Grey Hornbill Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel
You will 100% spot this in the same tree(corner tree) in mornings - Indian Grey Hornbill 

Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel

Durbar Hall Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel
Durbar Hall and Museum 

Temple inside Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel
Shri Subramanya (Kumaraswamy) Temple inside Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel 

Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel

Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel

Animal Trophies at Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel

Shri Meenakshi at Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel

Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel

Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel
Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel at Dawn

Birds at Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel

Birds at Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel
Birds at Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel

Shri Meenakshi at Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel
Look at the Hair, Snake and flowers !

Wooden Trunk Box at Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel
Notice the Artwork - Wooden Trunk Box at Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel

Birds at Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel

Maharaja suite at Shiva Vilas Palace Hotel
Wooden easy chair to relax in front of Maharaja suite 

Redhills of Sandur
Redhills of Sandur? !!

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