April 29, 2016

Aihole Historical Temples

About Aihole and History

Aihole, located in North Karnataka a small village near the banks of River Malaprabha. Aihole is the cultural capital during the period of Western Chalukya dynasty of Badami between 543-757 CE.

The name Ayyavolal is derived from Aryavolal or Aryapura (valley of elders). Village people call this as Aivalli or Aiholli. There is also a story behind the name, those days Parashurama, after killing Kshatriyas, washed his axe in Malaprabha river and the river turned red in color. Hence people exclaimed "Ai Holi" Ai the river, and hence the name is Aiholi.

Important Places to see in Aihole and covered in this Blog are

1. Durga Gudi Temple Complex
2. Lad khan Temple and a Stone ladder
3. Ravalaphadi Cave Temple
4. Jain Cave Temple
5. Huchchimalli Temple Complex
6. Museum (you can get the free brochure here and also buy the ASI guide booklet)

Tips to plan and visit the places in Aihole

For all the above places it takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. For the road to Cave temples take help from locals or from a guide. You can ask for a guide and they just charge about Rs.300 for all the places in Aihole alone.

This can be planned along with Hampi/Badami visit. Refer my respective blogs for all details.

Stay options, Food options

I suggest you buy and have the Tender coconut and Bananas here. They also sell the Bajra (Pearl millet) Buttermilk but they sell it on used bottles and may not be fresh as well, which is a concern. Carry snacks or food along with you. Water bottles you can buy here. For good food, visit Badami.

You can stay at Badami. Refer my other Badami blog for details.

Nearby Places and my Blogposts


Note: Refer my Hampi blog which has the details on planning all these places in 4 days. Click the images or the place name title to read the respective blog.


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Moving onto photos...

Aihole Durga Gudi Temple Complex

Aihole Durga Gudi Temple Complex

Aihole Durga Gudi Temple

Aihole Durga Gudi Temple Lord Vishnu

Aihole Durga Gudi Temple Ornate Pillars

Aihole Info Board
Find all details here

Aihole Durga Gudi Temple Lord Shiva

Aihole Durga Gudi Temple Windows

Aihole Durga Gudi Temple Durga

Aihole Durga Gudi Temple Chalukya Emblem

Aihole Durga Gudi Temple Stone Ladder

Aihole Lad Khan Temple

Aihole Huchchimalli Temple Complex

Aihole Ravalaphadi Cave Temple

Aihole Ravalaphadi Cave Temple

Aihole Ravalaphadi Cave Temple

Aihole Ravalaphadi Cave Temple

Aihole Ravalaphadi Cave Temple

Aihole Jain Cave Temple

Aihole Jain Cave Temple

Aihole Red Sandstone Rock

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