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April 29, 2016

Banashankari Mahakuta Kudalasangama

About the places and planning your visit

Based on your interest these places can be covered along with your Badami trip. Not very important or not like Badami/Hampi, not so great place to visit, but if you like to visit the temples and for a pilgrimage then these are good options to consider.

1. Banashankari

This is just 5Kms from Badami and can be covered along with Badami based on your interest.

There is a perennial tank in front surrounded by coconut trees is also called Haridra Tirtha. The deity is eight-armed, seated on a lion and a 17th century replacement. This is also called Vanashankari as this is located inside the Tilakaaranya forest. You can see the Guard tower cum Deepa Stamba (lamp tower) on the bank of the water tank in front of the Shakambari temple. Another name of the main deity is Shakambhari. This seem to have built during 8th century.

In Google search using "Banashankari Temple, Badami".

Lamp towers (or) Deepa Stamba - add photos.... (from mobile)

2. Mahakuta (Mahakoota)

This is on the way to Pattadakal from Badami and can be covered along with Pattadakal, Aihole.

This is a village in Bagalkot district of North Karnataka, very near to Badami. This is a Shaiva monastery (Refer The temples are dated to the 6th or 7th century CE and were constructed by the early kings of the Chalukya dynasty of Badami.

A natural mountain spring flows within the temple complex and feeds fresh water into a large tank called the Vishnu Pushkarni. Among the several shrines in the complex, the Mahakuteshvara temple, built in the dravida style, and the Mallikarjuna temple are the largest. There is a small shrine in the centre of the Vishnu Pushkarni tank and in it is a Shiva linga (universal symbol of god Shiva) called Panchamukha linga ("five faced linga"), one face for each direction and one on top.

In Google search using Mahakoota.

3. Kudala Sangama

This is located in Bagalkot district of North Karnataka, again close to Badami. From Badami this is about 70Kms. Aihole and Patadakal are on the way to this place. Check in Google maps. There is a beautiful Sangameshwara Temple on the river bank at the confluence of the Krishna and the Malaprabha rivers. Formerly it was known as Kappadi sangama. Check photos below.

Stay options and Food options

I suggest you buy and have the Tender coconut and Bananas elsewhere. They also sell the Bajra (Pearl millet) Buttermilk but they sell it on used bottles which is a concern. Carry snacks or food along with you. Water bottles you can buy here. For good food, visit Badami.

You can stay at Badami. Refer my other Badami blog for details.

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Moving onto Photos.... 

Banashankari Temple Guard Cum Lamp Tower
Guard cum Lamp tower - Combination of Hindu and Islam style

Banashankari Temple Haridra Tirtha
Large Tank called Haridra Tirtha

Banashankari Temple
View of the old temple and new one 

Mahakuta Vishnu Pushkarni
Vishnu Pushkarni - Natural spring water flows in here and always fresh 

Mahakuta Mallikarjuna Temple
Mallikarjuna Temple (right)

Kudala Sangama
Confluence of Krishna river and Malaprabha river

Kudala Sangama Sangameshwara Temple
View of the Sangameshwara Temple

Kudala Sangama Iykya Linga
Iykya Linga in Kudala Sangama

Kudala Sangama Dvarapala
Dvarapala at Sangameshwara Temple

Kudala Sangama Info Board
Zoom to see the details. Might be useful 

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