June 23, 2016

Trichy or Tiruchirappalli and Nearby Places

Trichy or Tiruchirappalli is the headquarters of Trichy district in Tamilnadu. Here, the river Kaveri splits into two forming the island of Srirangam in middle. Kollidam bridge and Kaveri Bridge are the two bridges you will cross while coming from Salem or Chennai side.

The city is an important educational centre in the state of Tamil Nadu. International Airport is there which operates flight to southeast Asia and middle-east. Trichy is mostly very hot in temperature, and annual mean is 29 degree Celsius.

According to Hindu Mythology, the word "Tiruchirappalli" is derived from "Tiru" which is to address someone with respect, "Chirapalli" is a compound of siram - head, palli - to sleep. It is a reference to the deity Sriranganathaswamy who is depicted at rest with his head in a slightly elevated position in the Srirangam Temple, Tiruchirappalli.

The major attraction, Srirangam has around 21 Gopurams (Temple Tower) and the main Rajagopuram (main tower) is about 236 feet high.

As usual, I have added plenty of photos to inspire you about these places.

Stay options

There are many options around the central bus station and railway station - Hotel Ramyas, Hotel Sangam, Hotel Feminas. Apart from these there are many other stay options in different areas. Refer the review sites and check the room before you book and confirm.

Food options

Nowadays I see plenty options to eat throughout the city. Multi-cuisine restaurants are very common where you get South-Indian, North-Indian, Continental, Chinese items. Again I suggest review sites.
When you are in Tamil nadu, you should try Idly, Pongal, Dosa, Chutney and Sambar which are the specialities. Also Coffee is very famous in these area than tea.

Tips to plan your visit and nearby places

One day plan 

In Trichy you will see plenty of buses plying 24x7 from Central bus station to Srirangam which goes via Thiruvanaikkaval. Every minute there is a bus. You can also hire taxi or an auto for your convenience. Take the city bus to Srirangam in early morning. Visit the temple. This is very big temple and will take around one and half hour including darshan. Darshan depends on the crowd and time of the day, so plan atleast 30 minutes to be in queue for darshan.

After Srirangam, head to Jambukeswarar Temple at Thiruvanaikkaval. This is just 1.5 kms from Srirangam temple. You can either come by Auto or Bus. You will find lots of buses every minute. 
Visit the temple and have darshan. After darshan, plan your lunch and shopping. Then head to Kadai-Veedhi or Rockfort temple street which has lots of shops. Spend time in shopping. By 4, head to Ucchipillayar temple or Rockfort Temple. Visit Pallava caves before you start to climb up incase if you are interested to see. Then start climbing and in few minutes you will first see Thayumanasamy temple and then head to top. Plan to spend time till sunset and see the city. It is very beautiful sighting and breeze will be good as well at this height. These three temples are the main / key places to visit in Trichy.

Note: Check below for the tips to visit other places nearby.  

Important Places to see

Note: Click the link to read Wiki about it. Scroll down to see photos of all these places.

1. Rockfort Temple or Ucchipillayar Koil and Thayumana swamy temple
2. Our Lady of Lourdes Church or St.Joseph church opposite to Rockfort Temple
2. Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam
3. Jambukeswarar Temple at Thiruvanaikkaval
4. Samayapuram Mariamman Temple on Chennai highway
5. Erumbeeswarar Temple on Thanjavur highway
6. Vayalur Murugan Temple on Vayalur road and after the Bishop Heber college.
7. Thiruvellarai Pundarikakshan Perumal Temple

ASI Monuments

The rock-cut cave temples of the Rockfort (Pallava Caves), along with the gateway and the Erumbeeswarar Temple, are listed as monuments of national importance by the Archaeological Survey of India

Shopping and other places inside Trichy

1. Trichy Gandhi market for Grocery, Fresh vegetables and fruits
2. Shops on the way to Rockfort temple
3. Don't forget to visit Sarathas which is very close to Rockfort temple for dress and dress materials, home furnishings at a very nominal rates
4. Mangal and Mangal shop for all home needs
4. Anna science museum planetarium opposite to Airport.

Don't forget to try the Cucumber fruit - "Vellari Palam" in local language, which is very special. This you will get only during Mid-April till End-May. Check the last photo to see how it looks.

Other Temples inside Trichy

1. Vekkaliamman Temple in Woraiyur (click this for Wiki)
2. Utthamar Koil tollgate - Temple for Trimurthi Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma
3. Ujjeevanatha Swamy Temple on the way to Vayalur. This is also called Uyyakondan Thirumalai Temple. Refer Wiki here.
4.Erumbeeswarar Temple in Thiruverumbur, Trichy is again a very old temple, declared as ASI monument. Refer Wiki for lots of details.

Reaching Trichy

From Bangalore, there is just one train Mysore-Mayiladuthurai express (Train No: 16232/16231). But very difficult to reserve a seat (other train is only on Mondays). So try driving 325 Kms (6.5 hours) or catch private or government buses. Limited Flight options are also available direct to Trichy.  

From Chennai, there are multiple trains available. Also buses are available. Limited Flights are also available direct to Trichy. You can also drive which is about 325 Kms and takes about 6.5 hours.

Route options from Bangalore to Trichy by car

From Bangalore: Drive via Hosur, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Salem. After Salem there are two options as shown below.
A. After crossing Salem and join Namakkal state highway, keep checking for Puthuchatram and Kalangani village. At Kalangani, you need to take the left which goes via Naina Malai. 
Follow this in Google maps which is very good road and less traffic compared to the one which goes via Musiri (bad road and lots of Sand lorries). Note: This goes via Thuraiyur road and very scenic drive. Also you get to see Naina Malai Varadharaja temple. You will avoid Namakkal city and traffic and you can save time.

B. After crossing Salem, keep going till Namakkal. After entering inside Namakkal and right after the Bus stand, look for "Thuraiyur Road" on left side. Take that. I suggest avoid "Musiri / Thottiyam" road as it is bad and too many sand lorries are using this road. Check the route from Google map here.

Once you reach Tolgate which is the entry point to Trichy from Salem, use may want to use the Bypass to reach central bus stand instead of going inside the city. 

Tips to visit other places 

There are lots of other places nearby and each are on different directions and sides of city. So you might need more days to cover if you want to see all these places. I have listed places on each directions/sides of the city. Plan accordingly.

Other Nearby Places and Temples

Towards Namakkal / Salem road

1. Thiruvellarai Pundarikakshan Perumal Temple is built 1.5 million years ago and older than Srirangam temple. The outer prakaram has a speciality, if you shout "Namashivaya" loduly, you get to hear the echo two to three times. Refer Wiki which has lots of details about this temple. Scroll down for the photos of this place.

2. Thirueengoi Malai near Musiri after Periyar bridge on the way to Namakkal from Trichy. Variety of birds found here on top of the hill.See below for the photos. Scroll down for the photos of this place.

3. Namakkal Fort, Anjaneya Temple and Sriranga Temple in Namakkal. You need half a day for these. Namakkal Narasimhaswamy Temple has the Rock-cut architecture and built during 8th century. Opposite to this temple is Anjaneya temple which is very famous in this region. On Saturday you can see "Vadai Malai" i.e. Garland of Vadai's on Anjaneya swamy. Behind the temple is the Fort. All are in same place and will take about 2 hours to see all.  Scroll down for the photos of this place.

4. Nainamalai Varadaraja Temple - It has 3500+ steps to reach the temple on top and takes around 3 hours. Very beautiful if you like heights, Scroll down for the photos of this place. This blog has very good details about this temple. 

5. Thalamalai Sanjeevaraya Perumal Temple - This is on top of the hills, one need to cross 7 hills to reach the topmost temple, close to 55Kms from Trichy, very beautiful temple on top. Takes around 3 hours to reach and 2 hours to come down. Read this blog for more photos and details of this place.

6. Perumal Malai, Near Thuraiyur
This is on top of a small hill. There are close to 1000 steps to top, also you can drive. Beautiful location. During festival time, this gets crowded. i.e. Puratasi month.

Towards Chennai Road

1. Thirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Temple

Famous temple for Lord Brahma. Read more in Wiki here

Towards Rameshwaram road - Chettinad houses

1. Tirumayam fort and temple - ASI monument.

2. Karaikudi Chettinad house and shops - Refer "The Chidambaram Vilas", "Chettinad Mansion" and "The Bangala". I am sure you will like the architecture of these houses. Also the "Chettinad" style food is a must try.

3. Kundrakudi Lord Murugan Temple and Pillayarpatti Pillayar Temple

4. Sithanavasal cave paintings and beds of rock ("Samanar Padukkai" in Local language). Scroll down for the photos of this place.

Towards Madurai road

1. Viralimalai Murugan Temple, 28 kms on madurai road from Trichy on a small hill, Scroll down for the photos of this place.

Towards Thanjavur Road 

1. Poondi Madha church near Lalgudi - "Poondi Matha  Basilica", Click this for Wiki  
2. Thanjavur -  Refer my blog on Brihadeeswarar Temple
3. Kumbakonam - Refer my blog on Kumbakonam Temples and Navagraha Temples

Towards a left deviation on Trichy Bypass - Kallanai Road

1. Kallanai Dam - This is a good place to relax and enjoy the beauty, nature. Please don't get onto water or sand, there are quicksands, so please avoid. Kallanai dam is built right after Srirangam on Kaveri river by King Karikala chola. Here is where the split river Kaveri joins. Scroll down for the photos of this place.

2. Mukkombu Dam - This dam comes before Trichy and Srirangam on Kaveri river. Here is where the Kaveri river is split and Island of Srirangam is formed. Again the Kaveri river joins at Kallanai. Scroll down for the photos of this place.

Birding and Bird photography

1. Birdwatching near dalmia (keelapalur to thirumanur road) Karaivetti bird sanctuary. Google link is here.
2. Visit Thiruengoimalai temple. On top there are trees and you get to see many different birds. Scroll down for the photos of this place.
3. Visit Puliyansolai and Kolli hills (kollimalai)

Trekking spots and Hill stations nearby

1. Kollimalai hills and Puliyansolai are the famous hills near Trichy. Kollihills have variety of medicinal plants and very beautiful place for trekking. Refer Wiki for Kollihills here and for Puliyancholai refer this Wiki.
2. Thalamalai Perumal Temple - Google link
3. Narthamalai cave temples and historical monuments - Refer Wiki

5. Perumal Malai Thuraiyur road - Prasanna Venkatachalapathi Temple

6. Nainamalai Varadaraja temple - See below the photos. 3500+ steps to reach top and it is medium trek. Needs 2 to 3 hours.

There is a famous group "Trichy trekkers" who does trekking to nearby places in Trichy. Visit their page for more details here.

Moving onto Photos....

Trichy Srirangam Temple Tower
The Majestic Trichy Srirangam Temple Tower - 236 feet height

Trichy Rockfort Temple or Ucchipillayar Temple
Do you see the shape of Nandi (Bull) facing Thayumanaswamy Temple on other side? - Rockfort or Ucchipillayar temple

Trichy Church
View of Church from Rockfort Temple and Theppakulam (Temple Tank)

Trichy Thayumanaswamy Temple Tower
Temple Tower and Entrance to Rockfort Temple and Thayumanaswamy Temple

Trichy Rockfort Temple or Ucchipillayar Temple
This shape looks like Pillayar (Ganesha) with the trunk, another view of Rockfort Temple
Srirangam Temple Tower
Inner Temple Tower - Srirangam

Srirangam Temple Tower
Zooming in - Wov, so colorful and beautiful, Inner Temple Tower - Srirangam

Srirangam Temple Tower
Inner Temple Tower - Srirangam

Trichy Rockfort Temple History or Ucchipillayar Temple History
Sorry this is in Tamil, It is the story of Thaymana swamy

Trichy Erumbeeswarar Temple
ASI Historical monument - Erumbeeswarar Temple view, Sunset will be beautiful

Trichy Erumbeeswarar Temple
Picture of Erumbeeswarar i.e. Lord Shivalinga
Trichy Erumbeeswarar Temple
View of the Temple with the Paddy field in front.... at evening Golden light ! You get to see a beautiful sunset from the temple complex.

Trichy Rockfort Temple or Ucchipillayar Temple
Yet another view - This shape looks like Pillayar(Ganesha) with the trunk, another view of Rockfort Temple

Trichy Rockfort Temple or Ucchipillayar Temple
View of the Rockfort Temple from the Kaveri river banks

Trichy Jambukeswarar Temple Tower Thiruvanaikkaval
Trichy Jambukeswarar Temple Tower, Thiruvanaikkaval

Trichy Jambukeswarar Temple Tower Thiruvanaikkaval
Trichy Jambukeswarar Temple Tower, Thiruvanaikkaval

Trichy Thiruengoimalai
Beautiful view of the Trichy Thiruengoimalai Malai and the Temple tower on top, you get to see many birds here. 

Trichy Thiruengoimalai
Another view of Trichy Thiruengoimalai
Trichy Thiruengoimalai
Bird at Trichy Thiruengoimalai  - You get to see variety of birds here. Good for Bird watching and Bird photography, apart from temple

Vayalur Murugan Temple Tower
Vayalur Murugan Temple Tower

Vayalur Murugan Temple Tower
Vayalur Murugan Temple Tower

Ujjeevanatha Swamy Temple Tower or Uyyakondan Thirumalai
Ujjeevanatha Swamy Temple Tower, also called Uyyakondan Thirumalai

Ujjeevanatha Swamy Temple Tower or Uyyakondan Thirumalai
Inner Temple Tower - Ujjeevanatha Swamy Temple Tower or Uyyakondan Thirumalai

Vayalur Murugan Temple Tower
Vayalur Murugan Temple Tower

Nainamalai Varadaraja Perumal Temple Namakkal
Wov, see the Golden light on tip, how beautiful isn't it? This is Nainamalai Varadaraja Perumal Temple, near Namakkal.

Trichy Periyar Bridge
Trichy Periyar Bridge, just from here you can see the Thiruengoimalai

Trichy distributary channel of Kaveri river
Distributary channel of Kaveri river - On the way to Thiruengoimalai from Trichy Tolgate

Trichy Farming Paddy fields
Green carpet - Paddy fields of Trichy

Trichy Farming Plantain fields
Zoom and see how Banana is formed from flower, nature is really amazing !

Trichy Farming Paddy fields
View from top of the Eengoi Malai 

Trichy Wild Peacocks
Wild peacock on the fields near Trichy - This was seen near Thiruengoimalai

Trichy Virali Malai Temple
Entrance / Arch of Trichy Virali Malai Temple

Trichy Virali Malai Temple Tower
Trichy Virali Malai Temple Tower

Trichy Virali Malai Temple
View of Trichy Virali Malai Temple

Trichy Kallanai Karikalan
Karikalan who built the dam !

Trichy Kallanai Kaveri Amman
Goddess Kaveri - Kaveri Amman
Trichy Kallanai Dam
View of Kallanai Dam

Thiruvellarai Pundarikakshan Perumal Temple Tower
Main Temple Tower of Thiruvellarai Pundarikakshan Perumal Temple - Built 15 Lakh years ago !

Thiruvellarai Pundarikakshan Perumal Temple

Thiruvellarai Pundarikakshan Perumal Temple
Echo Prakaram - Make a loud sound and listen to Echo

Namakkal Fort
View of Namakkal Fort

Namakkal Anjaneya Swamy Temple
Anjaneya Swamy Temple Namakkal

Sithanavasal cave paintings and bedrock
Cave of Sithanavasal - Paintings can be seen here

Sithanavasal bedrock or Samanar Padukkai
Samanar Padukkai or Bed Rock of Sithanavasal

Sithanavasal bedrock or Samanar Padukkai
Well polished Bed on Rock

Sithanavasal Cave Paintings
Information Board on Sithanavasal Cave

Sithanavasal Bedrocks or Samanar Padukkai
Information board on Samanar Padukkai or Bed Rock

Sithanavasal Cave Paintings and Bedrock
Entrance to Sithanavasal Cave Paintings and Bedrock

Trichy village scene
Typical village side scene .... So beautiful isn't it ?

Trichy Thuraiyur Road Hills
You get a scenic drive throughout on this Thuraiyur Road and this is near Pavithram village

Trichy Thuraiyur Road Hills
You get a scenic drive throughout on this Thuraiyur Road and this is near Pavithram village
Cucumber Fruit or Vellaripalam
This is the Cucumber fruit or Vellaripalam in local language
Thalamalai Sanjeevaraya Perumal Temple
Thalamalai Sanjeevaraya Perumal Temple (click this to read more)

Click this for the Google+ photos link

Hope you like the details and photos. Feel free to share with your friends and add your comments below in comments section. 

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